About Us

About Us

Drudge Report meets Pinterest meets Reddit. The curation of Drudge, the easy access media of Pinterest and the humor of Reddit all combined into one loveable little site.

At Rabbit Hole Report, I strive to make a better website that publishes impactful news with focus on politics, science, technology and the mysteries of the universe. All of which are my own favorite categories of news. These are only news stories that have some impact on your life.

What separates us from other news aggregator sites?

  • Impactful - Only news that has some impact on your life, or maybe it's just extremely interesting. No celebrity or sports news unless its related to politics.
  • Maps - Everytime I read an article, I wanted to know where it happened and couldn't find it, so I included a map feature.
  • Videos - When the article was about a video, I had to hunt for the video, so now we give the video link right to you!
  • Photos - Many times the article was just about an image, now it will open up immediately in a light box.

I hope you love this site and share it with your friends!